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When contributing to gazpacho, please open an issue before making a change

Development environment and steps

  1. Install pytest either globally or in a virtualenv: pip install pytest
  2. Click on the "Fork" button at the top-right of the GitHub page
  3. Clone your fork: git clone
  4. Create a new branch to work on the issue/feature you want
  5. Hack out your code.
  6. Runs the tests by executing pytest from the command line (tests live in the tests subfolder)
  7. Submit a new PR with your code, indicating in the PR which issue/feature it relates to


  • Keep in mind that gazpacho does not want to do everything. It is a replacement for BeautifulSoup and requests for most projects but not all projects
  • Always write tests for any change introduced
  • If the change involves new methods, arguments or otherwise modifies the public API, make sure to adjust the
  • If the change is beyond cosmetic, add it to the file and give yourself credit!